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  1. Mr. Chubs

    Mr. Chubs5 minutes ago

    i’m watching this in class

  2. Rylan Toews

    Rylan Toews13 minutes ago

    NExt video should be called LAZER-mEmEs

  3. Andre Engelbrecht

    Andre Engelbrecht18 minutes ago

    everyones like lazarbeam died cuz he hasnt uploaded in 2 weaks he probably takin a break soooo chilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll : ) lol

  4. Suitasice

    Suitasice34 minutes ago


  5. Agustin Serrano

    Agustin Serrano58 minutes ago

    wow this man has became a legend

  6. Jennifer O'Donnell

    Jennifer O'Donnell59 minutes ago

    he has not uploaded for 2 flipping weeks i have nothing to watch

  7. Charlie O'Riordan

    Charlie O'RiordanHour ago

    When someone gets hurt Lazerbeam: youtube there fine ok dooont take the vid down CAUSE THEY ARE PERFECTLY FINE

  8. HackerHydraYT

    HackerHydraYTHour ago

    LazarBeam ,make a petition for unvalted to always be in the mode menu. PLEASE

  9. G.P18.MR.PATTON

    G.P18.MR.PATTONHour ago

    New video idea since you haven´t posted anything in a while you should do a meme olympics

  10. J. Hoang

    J. HoangHour ago

    Wait wat I was subbed at 14 million da fric

  11. Kids Browne

    Kids BrowneHour ago

    This Jole-fortnite guy said that you are dieing guess that video was just click bate

  12. Jarred Jhay

    Jarred JhayHour ago

    Hey lazar how you have a eye ligma?

  13. Yasser

    Yasser2 hours ago

    australia lost to emus

  14. Gaming With The Bois

    Gaming With The Bois2 hours ago

    2 verified

  15. Dominik L Horacek

    Dominik L Horacek2 hours ago

    Did he die

  16. Dominik L Horacek

    Dominik L Horacek2 hours ago

    @Restrkt It’s been like two weeks though maybe he’s just falling behind or something

  17. Restrkt

    Restrkt2 hours ago

    Hopefully not .. but i rly doubt it

  18. Nexil 7

    Nexil 72 hours ago

    Last tiktok, I'm Arab they were talking Arabic. His mates told him to go down and jump and he misunderstood it 😃

  19. savage dora

    savage dora2 hours ago


  20. savage dora

    savage dora2 hours ago

    Hey lazar can u go live today? Members only?

  21. LiveDragon

    LiveDragon3 hours ago

    I loved when he laughed at 4:07

  22. Sami Butterworth

    Sami Butterworth3 hours ago

    I’m a boy

  23. Sami Butterworth

    Sami Butterworth3 hours ago


  24. Panimal

    Panimal3 hours ago

    Money doesn’t but happiness, money is happiness

  25. ZGold Games

    ZGold Games3 hours ago

    R u ded

  26. jaco9651 jaco9651

    jaco9651 jaco96514 hours ago

    you should try rainbow 6 siege

  27. Adam Barada

    Adam Barada4 hours ago

    You are my favorite USloftr

  28. Rahma ISSE NUUR

    Rahma ISSE NUUR4 hours ago

    1:37 best shit ever

  29. Bradley Bowman

    Bradley Bowman4 hours ago

    hi can i have a shout out and fresh needs a life your better than him but not loserfruit

  30. Tyron Engelbrecht

    Tyron Engelbrecht4 hours ago

    Play Cod Warzone

  31. Blake Olsen-Parsons

    Blake Olsen-Parsons5 hours ago

    What does a bear do when it has no teeth memes

  32. Ttv Gravez

    Ttv Gravez5 hours ago

    Lazerbeam 1 year ago: I’ll be the first to tell you money don’t buy you happiness Now: See money does buy happiness

  33. Ava Condipodero

    Ava Condipodero5 hours ago

    Dude I'm in australia and I'm boooooooooooored because I'm in lockdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑

  34. ジRyde

    ジRyde5 hours ago

    Bro post once in a blue moon

  35. Carter Osborne

    Carter Osborne5 hours ago

    Hay lannen I have a good video do Lara cross emote all game and try to win.🦙

  36. Matt Wright

    Matt Wright5 hours ago

    Your tik tok are better then my fyp

  37. Mr.Schmigeg Fortnite

    Mr.Schmigeg Fortnite6 hours ago

    Oof lazar u got no adds 😂

  38. McClaw_ _JG

    McClaw_ _JG6 hours ago

    Nothing but pure content not gonna lie

  39. TKD_Sawyer Drums

    TKD_Sawyer Drums6 hours ago

    Can u plz do meme olympics 6

  40. teshawn Morgan

    teshawn Morgan6 hours ago

    Upload more

  41. Damion W

    Damion W6 hours ago

    Lol, I've thought about doing the door to door thing

  42. Bluetank3440_

    Bluetank3440_6 hours ago

    code lazar

  43. Declan L

    Declan L6 hours ago

    Where is the Meme Olympics #6

  44. mini toon

    mini toon6 hours ago

    7:09 cutest thing ever 😍

  45. Nebula

    Nebula7 hours ago

    YO i just watches the new mortal combat movie and theres a reference to you lazarbeam with an auzzy who has the arcanae/power of a lazerbeam hahahahaa

  46. Mc prime

    Mc prime8 hours ago

    ey lazar, we just got the exact same headset lol

  47. 16010010 Oliver Martinus Sukinata

    16010010 Oliver Martinus Sukinata8 hours ago

    pls heart this comment and reply this video

  48. Isabella Hall

    Isabella Hall8 hours ago

    I love your bored video's

  49. Orange Boy

    Orange Boy9 hours ago

    Subscribe to LAZARBEAM he has to beat faze rug in subscribers

  50. Kristo Härma

    Kristo Härma9 hours ago

    play long drive pls

  51. Isaac Colatzau

    Isaac Colatzau9 hours ago

    Can u upload u haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks

  52. Alfred Cuison

    Alfred Cuison9 hours ago


  53. Fortnite EPIC

    Fortnite EPIC9 hours ago

    causally up at 4:39 in the morning :)

  54. A Miller

    A Miller9 hours ago

    Lannan you have to react to endigos Tiktok song

  55. Thivishan Ratheeswaran

    Thivishan Ratheeswaran10 hours ago

    4:06 Fantastic

  56. Sliker SIKE gaming

    Sliker SIKE gaming10 hours ago

    Wheres meme olympics #6


    NUDO ENRICO10 hours ago

    6:56 ahahahhahahahaah

  58. Tim Duncan

    Tim Duncan10 hours ago

    Hi lazarbeam you probably hate me because I'm from nz plz pin

  59. Some dude

    Some dude10 hours ago

    TikTok on da clock then I’ll pull out the glock and I’ll point it at ma co-

  60. ItsPickle 101

    ItsPickle 10111 hours ago

    Sorry to let you know but you should really get a VPN because my friend saw your tesla cam and he saw you eating two pounder donuts one glazed two crunch wraps and one soft taco so lol so basically right now he has full control over your USloft channel is but he’s not going to do anything because he’s not a douche bag he’s not going to delete so don’t worry

  61. Sara Warda

    Sara Warda11 hours ago

    Omg those hands are insane!😱

  62. Ates Selim Ozgur

    Ates Selim Ozgur11 hours ago

    Play Minecraft!!!

  63. Potatoes Smokes crack

    Potatoes Smokes crack12 hours ago

    Tiktok is gay

  64. jayden o'connor

    jayden o'connor12 hours ago

    you should play some Rocket League

  65. IronX Cross

    IronX Cross12 hours ago

    “Looks like an egg” lazerbeam 2021

  66. Αλέξης Κασσής

    Αλέξης Κασσής12 hours ago

    8:27 dude: yeets him self of the building in vr Wall in irl :ooof thats gotta hurt

  67. keith rhine

    keith rhine12 hours ago

    I still have that one line from the bored song "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME TIC TOCKS

  68. Cod 3 gamer On YouTube

    Cod 3 gamer On YouTube12 hours ago

    My guy

  69. Kanno N

    Kanno N13 hours ago


  70. Victor mares

    Victor mares13 hours ago

    i think you, lazerbeam should go back to apex

  71. VLM

    VLM13 hours ago

    "I'm a modern day eminem" Sam dubs who made lazarbeam sing rap god "called it"

  72. Benny boy

    Benny boy13 hours ago

    Play Roblox

  73. Lazytoutuse

    Lazytoutuse13 hours ago

    Collab with josh dub?

  74. ZZTazerBeast

    ZZTazerBeast13 hours ago

    MrBeast is amazing your amazing to

  75. DJminus_123

    DJminus_12313 hours ago

    To be honest I’m bored but your videos will not make me bored I am still bored with laserbeam

  76. Emmett Schaab

    Emmett Schaab13 hours ago

    Go one day playing fortnite without saying yeet

  77. John Seifert

    John Seifert13 hours ago

    No offense Lazar but what is wrong with your upload schedule. I know editing is hard but I think we can all agree it doesn’t take 2 weeks to upload a single video. Also lazar quote “Well theirs nothing to do in gaming. Meanwhile... Fresh “uploads almost daily” Still love ya Lazar

  78. REXY

    REXY14 hours ago

    His discord server mods are trash dont join his discord

  79. Antonio Orozco Acevedo

    Antonio Orozco Acevedo14 hours ago

    hi LAZAR

  80. David Norris

    David Norris14 hours ago


  81. Cory R 686901

    Cory R 68690114 hours ago

    am i the only one who get reminded of the "when im lazarbeam" video when hearing the "im bored" song?

  82. Kanno N

    Kanno N14 hours ago


  83. Kruse Popham

    Kruse Popham14 hours ago

    Guy: Sub to lazarbeam ME: Have you subed? I know I have

  84. Aaron Vien

    Aaron Vien14 hours ago

    lazarbeam predicts,lazarbeam predicts, it’s the greatest show on the internet

  85. Matias Contreras

    Matias Contreras15 hours ago

    LAZARBEAM the I’m bored song is by indigo

  86. Samuel Gaming

    Samuel Gaming15 hours ago

    😱 please shout me out

  87. Omar Muhriz

    Omar Muhriz15 hours ago

    Np i got you lazar arabic translator the other guy said jump jump then the other guy forgot he was inn vr so he jumped

  88. RedFreeze R

    RedFreeze R15 hours ago

    Play little nightmares 2

  89. Rhiannon Atchley

    Rhiannon Atchley15 hours ago

    two weeks oh no IS HE DEAD???? PLS NO

  90. Griffin Oliver-Simper

    Griffin Oliver-Simper15 hours ago

    Why have you not uploaded for like 3 weeks?

  91. Brad Crossen

    Brad Crossen15 hours ago

    I'm growing a mullet like u Lannon

  92. Andrej Bakrac

    Andrej Bakrac15 hours ago


  93. Blake Patterson

    Blake Patterson15 hours ago

    You should play apex

  94. William Crane

    William Crane15 hours ago

    If yall want to know what happened to him because i see people who dont know. He was attacked and got hurt so he isnt uploading

  95. Gianni Irranca

    Gianni Irranca16 hours ago

    LAZARBEAM i love yore chanie

  96. Michael Negro

    Michael Negro16 hours ago

    make a new video plz I sub

  97. Gabe Guida

    Gabe Guida16 hours ago


  98. Welcome to the gulag

    Welcome to the gulag16 hours ago

    Lazar beam play warzone plz

  99. Robert Kelley

    Robert Kelley16 hours ago

    I WANNA duel

  100. Robert Kelley

    Robert Kelley16 hours ago


  101. Gunnar Case

    Gunnar Case16 hours ago

    "now that i have money im happier then ive ever been!" (1 sec. later) *takes a moment to reflect on time*

  102. A-dog Gaming

    A-dog Gaming16 hours ago

    bro that burn on ur sister was classic